Welcome to the homepage of Danish composer
Jakob Weigand Goetz

During 1998-2006, Jakob’s electronica project was named ’txture'. Here he tried to gain a thick tightly interwoven sound-wall of texture, without using normal instruments. This was achieved by working with many layers of processed and fragmented noise sounds from all sorts of different acoustic and electronic sources. Amongst others, the music was inspired by Oval, Microstoria, My Bloody Valentine and György Ligeti.

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In 2007, Jakob started working with sounds primarily from acoustic classical instruments.
Yet the result is still full of texture, the overall aim is now to design more quiet and ambient
intimate spaces with high sonority.

Listen to some new, unreleased tracks here:
Semblance (orchestra fragment)

Contact [jwg@txture.net]

Kontur [http://www.kontur.dk]